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Club Play

The Coalville Pickleball Club is based at the Whitwick and Coalville Leisure Centre. The club’s leaders facilitate play but do not handle payments or have any ties to the leisure centre’s operations or memberships. While it’s not required, we encourage new players to let us know in advance if they plan to join us. This helps us provide a smoother induction process.

Please note, our club leaders do not have access to the leisure centre’s booking system and cannot see who has registered to play—only the total number booked via the app. For guidance on downloading the app and making a booking, please see the instructions below. Should you encounter any issues, it’s best to contact the leisure centre directly.

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Normal Schedule

Wednesday : 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Friday : 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Saturday : 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Known Closures

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Wednesday 11th September 2024

Friday 1st November 2024

Saturday 2nd November 2024

Friday 28th February 2025

Saturday 1st March 2025

Playing at Coalville

It costs £3.00 per player (per session) to play at Coalville. Payment is taken by the centre, please come early as possible as reception can be busy and we want you to get as much play time as possible. 

Download and Payment Via the App

You may find it easier to pay using the Everyone Active app, here’s a quick guide on this.

Using the Everyone Active App

You can pre-book using the app to save time if you prefer. Click each image to enlarge if needed.


Once you have the app downloaded and your account set up, load the app and select “Activities”

Make sure you select the Whitwick and Coalville Leisure Centre at the top.

Select The Activity

Wednesdays 19:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays are found under “Adult Activities“, Wednesdays 20:00 to 21:00 and Fridays are found under “Inclusive Activities


Choose the Session

All available sessions will be displayed for the week ahead. Remember to check both the Adult Activities and the Inclusive Activities sections depending on your day.



Once you make your selection, you need to book and pay for it, press the “Book” button and follow the payment options.


When you attend the centre, open your app and select “My Bookings & Favourites”


Look in the “Upcoming” part of the “My Bookings” section and select the correct session.


From the home page of the app, select “Turnstile / Gate Access”. You need the “Use QR Scan” option, this will open your camera. Point the camera at the QR code displayed on the barrier.

If your booking day and time is correct, the barrier will open.


We are now using Spond for club communications, if you are a player or leader of the club, you can join Spond here: